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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year ♥ 2009 in Taipei


A new blog for 2009. (・ω・) Hopefully more exciting things will happen this year. And I will meet more exciting people and go to more exciting places. Okay, I think I just used the word exciting too much. Trinka trinka! At least I started 2009 in a place other than home (in Taiwan), watching fireworks on top of a mountain by Linkou with my mom, uncle, aunt and baby cousin. Too bad I didn't get to see the Taipei 101 fireworks. We thought we could see it from where we stood but it was the wrong angle and a mountain side was blocking it in front of us. It's also too bad I didn't go into the city to have dinner with my friend and watch the fireworks from there. I guess I am too lazy and there is just too many people. It was also drizzling earlier. However, it was nice to be on top of the mountain and there was quite a lot of people too.

Above is a picture of a piece of takoyaki I made tonight. I was finally able to use the takoyaki maker that I bought from Tokyu Hands in Tokyo. It's quite hard to make. I screwed up the first time and it looked more like fish balls. I think I still need to improve the batter recipe. We had hotpot with uncle and co. Delicious. Then, I had a pudding popsicle. I ♥ pudding! Then, I made takoyaki. And I ate snacks that mom bought. OMG. I had a flat stomach before and now I look like I'm pregnant. (゜∀゜;) I guess I should try losing weight... Most definitely.

I wonder how everyone else is celebrating back home...

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